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Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned bowler, Brandon Crossroads makes it easy to find the league to match your interests and skill level. With family, kids, senior, specialty leagues and more — we've got a league for everyone! Invite a group of family, friends or co-workers and we'll help you start your own league.

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DayLeague NameLeague TypeCost# Per TeamStarting DateStarting Time
Saturday - 11AM Session 2 2 Per Team 3 Games Handicap 90% of 190 Qualifies for tournaments 10 Weeks Starts Nov. 3rd
Tuesday Youth Instructional League A must for youth bowlers     Cost is $45 Starts Nov. 6th


DayLeague NameLeague TypeCost# Per TeamStarting DateStarting Time
Monday Men Night Men 5-Person Team 3 Games Team Handicap (90%-1050) 7:00 Start 32 Weeks $15/week Starts Aug. 28th
Wednesday Wed Nite Ladies 3-Person Team 3 Games Individual Handicap 6:00 Start 34 Weeks $13/week Starts Sept. 6th
Wednesday Wed Nite Mixed 4-Person Team Team Handicap - 90% of 840 6:45 Start 24 Weeks $15 per night per person Starts Oct. 17th
Thursday Commercial 16 5-Man Team (Men's League) 3 Games Team Handicap (90%-1050) 7:00 Start 34 Weeks $15/week Starts Aug. 31st
Thursday Thursday Afternoon Ladies 3-Person Team 3 Games Individual Handicap 12:00PM Start $9.75 per week Starts Oct. 4th
Saturday Town & Country League 4-Person Team N/A 6:30 Start N/A N/A
Sunday Odd Couples 4-Person Team N/A 4:30 Start N/A N/A
Sunday Sunday Niters 4-Person Indivudal Head-to-Head Format N/A 6:30 Start N/A N/A


Youth Programs

We have programs for all ages starting with Bumper Bowling for the very youngest all the way through Collegiate Youth Bowlers.

Grand Prix Scholarship Opportunities

As a participant in the ISBPA Grand Prix program, youth bowlers earn points for attendance and other special awards throughout the season, which can be turned into scholarship awards if they continue through High School. Every league bowler earns points each season towards scholarship money - no matter what their bowling skill level.

Youth Tournaments

Youth program participants automatically are entered into the ISBPA Youth Singles, PEPSI Youth Singles, and Mt. Dew No-Tap tournaments. In addition, the center conducts qualifiers for the International Family Tournament, ISBPA Team Tournament as well as other youth Scholarship events as they become available. SCHOLARSHIPS are at the heart of all our bowling activities.

NWIL - Middle School Bowling

Welcome to the Home Page for the NW IL Middle School Conference. Here you will find standings information as well as the most current NW IL Middle Schools.

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