Fund Raising


Why not hold an event at Plum Hollow Family Center which is far beyond the traditional Bowling Fund Raiser?

Plum Hollow has more unique combinations of Fund Raising possibilities than ANY facility in anywhere in N.W. Illinois. If you want to create a unique experience, see below to see an overview of the things we have to offer.

Why Hold A Fundraiser?

Charitable Organization
Sports Teams
Church Groups
Community Projects

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Let us help you raise money for your group. There are a variety of ways to generate revenue from a bowling fund raiser.
You can charge a fee larger enough per person to generate the desired revenue, have attendees collect pledges to raise money with a minimum level required to participate, hold contests for an additional fee (tickets) during the event, hold a silent or Chinese auction within event for prizes, have companies donate gifts / sponsor the event, develop prizes for individuals who collect the most money, present an award to the group / lane which raises the most money and the list goes on and on...
Plum Hollow will help you build the event which best helps you meet your need. The center in some packages will contribute back to you in-center prizes which can be used for raffle or contest prizes. The amount of the prizes depends upon the program you choose. Contact us and we can discuss these options.


Bowl 3 Games - Single Format

Bowl 4 Games - Scotch Doubles Format

Rent Lanes by the Hour

Sell Fun Cards

Host a Fun Night and Receive a Portion of the night's sale

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