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Plum Hollow Bowling Skills Center & Pro Shop

The Skills Center is more than just a Pro Shop name, but a committment to bowler development. Whether you are a beginning bowler just looking for some pointers or an advanced competitive bowler looking for that little bit of extra edge, the Skills Center has something for you.

In our Skills Center you will find bowling accessories, bowling equipment, bowler's video analysis, access to on-line coaching assistance, access to manufacturer website for advice on the latest tips and techniques we have it.

We also provide state of the art services; Bowling Ball Oil Extraction, Spin Time Analysis, Plugging, Removable - Interchangeable Thumb Slugs, Ball Resurfacing, all the way down to Name Engraving. Our State-of-the-art milling machine makes ball drilling accurate to .001", making complex thumb configurations like Ovals a simple process.

In addition to all these services we do sell bowling balls and accessories. Our prices are some of the most competitive in the market place with drilling, slugs and inserts included.

The Skills Center is located in a new location across from the Rock Climbing room, with access from behind the settee area on lane 10. The Skills Center is open by appointment only during the day and open weeknights (except Wednesday). Saturday's we are available from Noon to 6:30 pm, and closed Sundays (except by Appointment). Contact us via e-mail or by phone at 815-271-4101.

Bowling Ball Services

Ball Oil Extractor

Bowling Ball Oil Extraction - Revivor Oven

The recent USBC Ball Motion Study shows that the top 5 factors related to ball performance are all ball SURFACE related. So making certain your equipment has the best possible surface is critical to consistant success. This is where the Revivor Oven comes in.

The safest way to extract oil from today's high performance bowling balls. Inside the unit, heat raises lane oil to the surface of the ball while keeping the ball in constant motion, wiping the raised condition off as the ball spins in the machine. The process is safe to utilize multiple times without disrupting the chemical composition of the cover stock.

Ball Resurfacor

Ball Resurfacing - Haus Resurfacing System

After just 30 or 40 games on wood or synthetic lanes, balls lose consistent cover reaction. Regular resurfacing with the Haus Resurfacing System can help return the cover stock to near original condition. This process done in conjunction with period Oil Extraction will keep your equipment working like new for hundreds of games.

The Determinator

The De Terminator - Spin Time Analysis

The DeTerminator will locate the exact position of the mass bias on the surface of the ball and show the ball's relative motion. It is also the ONLY tool available to accurately locate the mass bias on a plugged bowling ball. This is extremely important when evaluating a current or potential layout.